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When you decide to install a rainwater harvesting system, several questions require answers. Though rainwater harvesting systems are not complex and are easy to install, there are some perplexing pre-installation factors that need to be clarified. Comal County's Grainger & Sunn Rain Harvesting Consultants will help you understand the specifics involved in designing and installing your rainwater harvesting system.  Our services are offered to Comal and surrounding county residents without charge--courtesy of the Comal Trinity Groundwater Conservation District.

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Designing a rainwater harvesting system is fairly simple. For most installations, the components and design are similar. The only change lies in its structuring, its measurements, and the use of materials for the components. Deciding these on your own may become a little complicated since it requires certain expert understanding and some calculations.  We'll help.

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Complete as much of THIS FORM as you can and email it to; it helps us preplan your system design.  Alternatively, you may send us a consultation request via the form to the right.


You are welcome to visit and view our sample home installation sites or we will come to your site, without charge, to help you design your system.  We do not sell anything; our consulting is offered without charge to residents of Comal and surrounding counties as a public service to relieving stress on the Trinity aquifer. 

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